Green Coatings Initiative

Advanced Polymer Inc’s Green Coatings Initiative (GCI) is dedicated to providing customers with safer, more environmentally compatible solutions, while maintaining the expected performance and cost effectiveness of specialty products. Through innovative development and manufacturing processes API’s GCI aims to:

There is no industry, government or commercial standard for what is Green and what is not Green. Each corporation is left to decide for itself how it will approach the growing concept of Green Products. It is, therefore, also the responsibility of each individual entity to define and maintain what it believes are Green Products. At Advanced Polymer Inc. we define a Green Product as:

  1. Containing no hazardous or toxic components.
  2. Having raw materials sourced from plant or animal derived feed stocks.
  3. Generating no waste materials during its production or use.
  4. Producing no known negative impact on humans, plants or animals.

With these stringent requirements Advanced Polymer, Inc. is setting a standard for Green Products.