At Advanced Polymer, Inc. we draw from a broad array of chemistries to deliver specialty products with unique performance features. Our core technologies include fluoropolymers, fluorosurfactants, silicone fluids, resins and emulsions, green chemistries, silane coupling agents, chorinated polypropylenes, and custom designed specialty resins.

Browse by chemistry to view our current product offerings or contact us for a custom solution designed to meet your specific requirements. We look forward to having an opportunity to put the API Advantage to work for you.


NOTE: Advanced Polymer, Inc. is heavily invested in the fluorochemical market and well aware of the current changes in the marketplace. As the industry transitions from long chain to short chain chemistry, we will continue to offer both C8-based and C6-based products. Advanced Polymer, Inc. is also striving to develop non-fluorinated alternatives that will deliver the same high level of water and stain repellency. If you need help finding a product to meet your needs, please give us a call at 201-933-0600 or email our technical department for a recommendation.