We Offer a Range of Specialty Chemicals Designed for Use Across a Broad Spectrum of Products and Industries.

Effective Solutions Through Technical Innovation and Exemplary Service.

Advanced Polymer, Inc. has been a respected provider of a variety of technically innovative specialty chemicals for almost 40 years. We combine a wealth of experience, with R&D resources and the responsiveness of our technical and customer service team to support our customers.

Our Capabilities

Industry Standard Evaluation Methods

API is dedicated to using the latest evaluation methods to analyze product performance. Standardized tests include AATCC, ASTM, and KCMA.

Low Surface Energy Adhesion Promoters

Advanced Polymer, Inc. (API) provides a line of specialty adhesion promoters used to help bond low surface energy substrates such as plastics, rubber and different composites without the need for surface pre-treatments such as corona discharge, flame and plasma treatments which are typically used to alter the substrate’s functionality to make it easier to bond with other substrates or different coatings.

PFOA-free Water & Oil Repellents

Advanced Polymer, Inc. is heavily invested in the fluorochemical market and well aware of the current changes in the marketplace. Our AdvaPel® product line offers the latest short chain-C6 technology. API is also striving to develop non-fluorinated alternatives that will deliver the same high level of performance.

Contact Angle Measurement

Looking to continuously expand our testing capabilities, API’s in-house Goniometer ultimately expedites the process of evaluating static contact angle. In turn allowing our R&D team to develop better performing products.

Product Development

We understand that each application varies from the next. API is focused on providing our customers personalized solutions for a range of different applications.

Rigorous Quality Control

Advanced Polymer stands behind every product that is delivered to our customers. We use state of the art testing equipment to ensure that the performance of every product meets or exceeds the standards set forth in our manufacturing process.


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