Auto & Marine Care

Advanced Polymer, Inc. provides products for the auto/marine care industry for protective coatings with durability, slip, gloss and resistance to dirt and dust. These materials can be used in DIY or professional environments to provide the finest interior or exterior surfaces.

Very low turbidity, cationic microemulsion of pure carnauba wax that provides a durable finish, with excellent gloss and slip, that resists marring and dirt pick-up. APW-319 can be used on a variety of substrates including fabric, leather, wood, metal and painted surfaces.
Silicone wax copolymer emulsion that can be used in spray polish applications to impart durability, slip and gloss to a variety of substrates.
Self-emulsifiable, reactive, elastomeric silicone that will impart water repellency to porous and semi-porous surfaces.
Waterborne, amino functional silicone microemulsion that will produce a durable, semi-matte, natural looking finish on rubber and vinyl.
Waterborne, high viscosity, amino silicone microemulsion designed to produce a superior, high gloss, finish on rubber and vinyl.
Waterborne silicone surfactant that reduces surface tension and improves leveling and wetting properties.
50% active, solvent free, waterborne emulsion of 10,000 cstk silicone fluid that will add luster, and provide dust and dirt pick-up resistance on vinyl, leather and rubber. APS-286 EMULSION can also be used as a release aid in molding, extrusion and casting applications.
Solvent free, waterborne, 60% active emulsion of 350 centistoke dimethyl fluid that will impart high gloss and slip to substrates including rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and metal.
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