Fabric Protectants

Advanced Polymer, Inc. provides a full line of products to impart barrier properties to various fabrics in the textile finishing industry. These materials are designed to achieve superior water, oil, stain resistance and release.

AdvaPel® products are short chain, C-6 based materials that support the switch from the traditional long-chain, PFOA based fluorochemicals. Unlike silicone and wax based chemistries, fluorochemicals provide durable properties through launderings and exposure while maintaining the original feel, texture and color qualities of the treated fabric.


Water reducible, short chain fluoropolymer product that will provide exceptional soil release properties for various fabrics.
Waterborne, air dry, short chain fluoropolymer product that will impart water, oil and soil repellency to textiles, upholstery and carpeting.
Fluorine and silicone free textile finish designed to impart a soft and superior water repellent treatment on various fibers including polyester, nylon, cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Exceptional durability through weathering and many home launderings.


AdvaPel® 805 is a cost effective solvent-based, fluorinated polymer that is based on a short chain, C-6 chemistry. Its durable and transparent barrier imparts excellent water and oil repellency on textiles such as apparel, carpeting and automotive fabrics while maintaining full breathability.
Reactive silicone resin that produces a durable, super-hydrophobic treatment when applied to fabric, leather, natural stone, grout, wood, etc. APS-232HCA will not change the appearance of the treated substrate and treatment will only be realized when water or other liquids come in contact with the treated surface. Depending on the type of substrate the static contact angle of deionized water on the surface can range from 120° to greater than 150°.
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