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Contact Angle - Natural Suade

Recent image of static contact angle measurement. APS-232HCA. Natural Suede.

Contact Angle - Natural Suade

Evaluation of dynamic water spray. Advapel 855. Acrylic Twill.

Contact Angle - Natural Suade

Image from measurement of static contact angle. APS-232HCA on Acrylic.

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Flash Point Tester

Can provide fast and reliable flash point results. Can also determine the flash point of liquids and semi-solids in the 10 to 135 °C temperature range.

Peel Strength Tester

Can perform quasi-static tests including tensile, compression, peel, tear, shear, friction, creep, stress relaxation and cyclic. This machine is best for testing lighter loads up to 4.4 kN (1000 lbf) and at speeds up to 760mm/min (30 in/min).

Crock Meter

For maximum allowable working pressure of 2900 psi (200 bar) at 350 °C. Works well for reaction mixtures with viscosities up to 25,000 centipoise.

Friction/Peel Tester

Can measure the static and kinetic coefficient of friction. Can run seal strength tests, 180° peel, 90° peel, and T-peel tests. Can perform lightweight tensile tests up to 22 lbs (10 kg).

Crock Meter



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