*New Product Release* SilFree 123

SilFree 123

An Auto & Marine Care product from Advanced Polymer, Inc.

API is excited to announce the release of our new product SilFree 123! SilFree 123 is a low turbidity, stable, microemulsion of a silicone free biodegradable polymer. The polymer is designed to be used as a raw material in the auto and marine care industry formulations, especially for formulating vinyl, plastic and rubber sprays and gels. 

SilFree 123 Provides:

  • Excellent dilution stability
  • Deep surface enhancement
  • High durability on various substrates
  • Great compatibility with other raw materials such as waxes, wetting/leveling aids, co-solvents etc.
API is proud to have created SilFree 123 to our own standards of sustainability, but our steps toward a cleaner earth do not stop here. We aim to reach these standards in all of our products moving forward in order to provide a safer environment for future generations. 
If you have any questions please contact Technical@advpolymer.com

For more information, see the TDS and SDS here:


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