AdvaBond® 7426

Waterborne adhesion promoter for low surface energy substrates for heat seal coating/adhesive applications. AdvaBond® 7426 can be used as a primer onto the substrate or as an additive into a waterborne coating or adhesive formulation. Designed for high temperature resistance applications.


  • Superior adhesion to PP, TPO and EPDM without pretreatment.
  • Excellent adhesion to topcoat paint such as polyurethane or polyestermelamine.
  • Tough, transparent film after coating and drying.
  • Non-chlorinated





The following is recommended for application as a primer:

  1. Wash surface of polypropylene substrate with IPA solution.
  2.  Dilute AdvaBond®7426 with water to 1—5% actives (4—20% by weight)
  3.  Coat AdvaBond®7426 onto substrate (dry thickness ≈ 6g/m2
    ). Dry at 80°C for 10 minutes.
  4.  Apply polyurethane or acrylic topcoat after AdvaBond®7426 is fully
    dried and cured.
  5.  Bake at 100°C for 20 minutes; allow to stand at 25°C for 48 hours

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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