AdvaBond® 8117-30

Solvent-borne, chlorine-free adhesion promoter for polyolefinic substrates. It is designed to work on surfaces without any surface treatment such as corona or flame. AdvaBond® 8117 can be used as a primer or as an additive to a coating or adhesive formulation where chemical resistance is needed. Excellent fit for automotive primer applications.


  • Designed to enhance the performance of products on untreated
    polyolefin or non-polyolefin plastic substrates
  •  Adheres to most automotive plastics
  • Excellent chemical and fuel resistance
  • Solution provided in a non aromatic solvent


  1.  Clean the substrate with isopropyl alcohol or other appropriate
    solvent to remove all contamination (dirt, oil grease, etc). Dry
    the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
  2. Apply the solution as primer on substrate using a Meyer rod, blade
    coater, spray or brush.
  3. Recommended loading levels can range from 1—10% on an active
    basis—depending on application and level of performance required.
  4.  Dry and cure at ambient or elevated temperature until fully cured.
  5.  Test the degree of adhesion using various test methods.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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