AdvaBond® 8203

Solvent-borne, chlorinated adhesion promoter for various polyolefinic substrates. AdvaBond® 8203 can be used as a primer or as an additive to a coating or adhesive formulation. Excellent fit for polypropylene containing substrates. Supplied in Xylene.


  • Superior adhesion to PP, TPO or EPDM.
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion between primer and top coat
    (polyester or polyurethane paint).


  1. Clean the substrate from contamination (dirt, oil grease, etc)
    with isopropyl alcohol or other appropriate solvent.
  2. Dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
  3. Prepare the primer solution for application. Dilute the stock
    solution down to 5% solids using xylene.
  4. Apply the 5% solids solution to the substrate at 0.1 to 0.2 mil
    (dry film thickness) using a Meyer rod, blade coater, spraying or
  5. The topcoat can be applied as soon as the CPO primer is dry
    (Usually 10 to 15 minutes at temperatures above 72°F).

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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