AdvaBond® 8205

AdvaBond® 8205 is a chlorinated polyolefin based adhesion promoter that provides excellent adhesion to low surface energy substrates, especially PP, TPO and EPDM. AdvaBond® 8205 can be used as a primer or as an additive to an ink, coating, paint or adhesive formulation.


• Superior adhesion to PP, TPO or EPDM and other low
surface energy substrates.
• High solids, easy formulation.
• Compatible with a variety of different resins.
• Can be used as primer or as an additive.


If used as a primer:
• Dilute product in solvent at 1-10% based on actives.
• Make sure surface is free of any contamination (dirt, oil, grease or others)
• Apply dilution via spray, brush or rod ensuring good coverage.
• Apply top coat or adhesive once substrate is dry.
If used as an additive:
• Add product in system at 1-10% based on a weight basis depending on performance and/or cost
• Make sure AdvaBond® 8205 is compatible with the system.
• Apply coating or adhesive as per required rates and application.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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