Advapel® 724

Waterborne, short-chain (C6) fluorochemical solution that provides exceptional protection on hard surfaces such as stone, tile, grout, concrete and brick. Excellent resistance to oil, water and stain with little or no change in appearance. AdvaPel 725 can be spray applied.


  • Based on non-C8 chemistry, considered to be non-PFOA
  • Can be used in spray applied consumer based applications using
    garden type or pump spray systems
  • Imparts excellent water, oil and stain repellency on hard
  • Good stability on alkaline surfaces such as concrete, grout and
  • Imparts great cleanability characteristics
  • Can be used as a stand alone sealer or additive to waterborne


AdvaPel® 724 should be diluted to 5–15wt% with soft water. Other additives
such as wetting agents and co-solvent can be added depending on the
application. It is recommended co-solvents be used when applying the
product on semi-porous substrates such as marble or granite. The optimum
loading level should be determined for each application, depending on
performance and cost parameters.
It is recommended that blended systems be checked for stability. AdvaPel®
724 can be applied using a brush, mop, roller, paint pad or spray applicator.
A second application within 30 minutes is recommended to ensure
complete coverage. A biocide should be added to formulations using
AdvaPel® 724 to protect against microbial growth.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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