Advapel® 729

Waterborne, short-chain (C6) fluorochemical solution that provides exceptional protection on hard surfaces such as stone, tile, grout, concrete and brick. Excellent resistance to oil, water and stain with little or no change in appearance.


  • Imparts excellent water, oil and stain repellency
  • Vapor permeable: Reduces cracking, freeze/thaw damage
  • Water-based—zero VOC
  • Ambient cure
  • Non-acidic: Safe for use on surfaces that will etch (e.g. polished
    limestone, marble)
  • Good stability on alkaline surfaces such as concrete, grout and
  • Adheres to a variety of substrates
  • Makes cleaning easier


  • Marble, Limestone, Concrete/Masonry
  • Saltillo Tile, Clay Tile, Stucco
  • Granite, Terrazzo, Grout

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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