AdvaPel® 805

AdvaPel® 805 is a cost effective solvent-based, fluorinated polymer that is based on a short chain, C-6 chemistry. Its durable and transparent barrier imparts excellent water and oil repellency on textiles such as apparel, carpeting and automotive fabrics while maintaining full breathability.


  • Cost effective solution for your protective treatments and
    penetrating sealers
  • Excellent oil, water, and stain repellency
  • Various surfaces including hard surfaces as well as leathers and
  • C-6 chemistry based; Non-PFOA
  • Long lasting properties


AdvaPel® 805 can be used as a diluted solution containing 5-11% as
supplied (1-2% active ingredient) for textile and leather treatment or
13.5-27% as supplied (2.5-5% active ingredient) for hard surfaces.
AdvaPel® 805 may be applied using a saturated brush, roller, or
mop, or low pressure garden-type sprayer and dry minimum 24 hours
before testing.
AdvaPel® 805 is soluble in most hydrocarbons (e.g. heptane, white
spirits, isoparaffins), esters, ketones, and hydrocarbon/alcohol


See MSDS for product specific information. Mix well before using.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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