AP-Silane 98

High purity N-octyl-triethoxysilane that can be used to formulate hydrophobic products for various surfaces including concrete, stone, glass, metal etc. AP-Silane 98 will penetrate deeply into porous substrates and chemically react to provide a great durability of its properties.


  • Can be applied to a wide range of inorganic surfaces
  • Produces hydrophobic properties to various surfaces
  • Does not change substrate original appearance
  • Can be diluted in alcohols, mineral spirits or PDMS


AP-Silane 98 can be diluted at 5—40 wt% in solvent depending on the
porosity of the surface. Dilution can be applied via brush, roll or spray.
Substrate should be thoroughly saturated and let dry for at least 48 hours.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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