Waterborne, protective sealer that provides water, oil and stain resistance on concrete, masonry, natural stone and pavers. Its rapid water bead development and quick drying capabilities reduce the amount of water intake and stop stains and oils from penetrating into the surface.


  • Protects Concrete, Brick, Porous Stone
  • Deep penetration and long lasting performance
  • No change in surface appearance
  • High resistance to water, oil and stains
  • May be formulated into Surface Coatings/Finishes
  • Quick dry time after application
  • Allows substrate to “breathe”


  • Dilute 10—16.7 wt% (3.0 — 5.0 active content) of API-WP66 in water
    and mix until uniform.
  • API-WP66 can be applied via brush, roll or spray
  • Avoid using API-WP66on non-porous, sealed surface.
  • Always test each type of surface for appearance and penetration before
  • Overall application. Surface to be treated must be clean and dry prior to
  • Do not use in direct sunlight. The temperature of the surface should
    be 50°F – 85°F at time of application.
  • Dries/cures in less than 24 hours.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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