APS-286 Emulsion

50% active, solvent free, waterborne emulsion of 10,000 cstk silicone fluid that will add luster, and provide dust and dirt pick-up resistance on vinyl, leather and rubber. APS-286 EMULSION can also be used as a release aid in molding, extrusion and casting applications.


  • Easily diluted
  • Minimal agitation required to form a stable emulsion


APS-286 emulsion can be used as a general-purpose release aid in the
molding, extrusion, and casting of a variety of materials such as rubber,
plastics and metals. Other applications include leather, glass and vinyl
cleaners, polish formulations, textile softeners, fiber lubricants, foundry
release aids, aerosol sprays, and, as printing release agents.

APS-286 emulsion can be diluted with water by slowly adding water to
the emulsion with mild agitation. Prepared dilutions of 0.5% to 3%
solids are recommended.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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