Reactive alkyl-aryl silicone fluid designed for use as a mold release agent or lubricant for metal, plastic and rubber parts, where high temperature stability is required.


APS-297 is a 100% active alkyl-aryl silicone fluid designed for use as
a release agent for molded metal, plastic and rubber parts. APS-297
may be used in applications where the molded parts must be
painted, plated or welded without adversely effecting these processes.
APS-297 provides superior release and a non-carbonizing stable film .
This fluid is ideal for use in applications such as casting of
aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals where
high temperatures quickly destroy many organic mold release agents.


Typical concentrations for application via brush or spray are 0.5–2.0%.

  • Lubricant for rubber or plastic
  • Paintable release agent
  • Coating additive
  • Die lubricant
  • Polish additiveSoluble In: Xylene, Toluene, Aliphatic hydrocarbons
    Insoluble In: Water

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