waterborne reactive silicone resin/silane oligomer emulsion that provides enhancement, hydrophobicity, protection and durability when added to aftermarket automotive and marine care formulations.


• Provides a high slick surface
• Excellent enhancement & hydrophobicity
• Prevents water spots
• Easily water dispersible
• Dries into polymeric SiO2 for durable protection


APS-342 can be used as an additive to quick detailers, paint sealants, spray coatings and other aftermarket auto/marine care formulations. APS-342 may be added at 10—30% on a weight basis. Adjust this concentration up or down depending on the desired level of properties imparted by the final product. Once it dries on a surface, polymeric SiO2 is formed that allows for a high slick surface.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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