Waterborne silicone surfactant that reduces surface tension and improves leveling and wetting properties.


Soluble in: Water , Alcohol, Glycols, Polyethers
Dilute APS-442 in water or other solvent to the desired level prior to
use. Starting levels are 1% or less depending on application.


Component                                                          Amount (wt%)
Acrysol TT-615 or Acrysol ASE-60                         2
Water                                                                            76
APS-481 Emulsion                                                     10
APS-442                                                                        12

  • Mix Acrysol TT or Acrysol ASE-60 (Rohm & Haas) with water. Thicken to the desired viscosity with an alkali (approx. 1.8% diethanol amine).
  • Slowly add the silicones to the thickened water with a moderate
    amount of agitation.
  • Wipe or spray onto surface.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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