Methyl phenyl modified silicone fluid that offers outstanding lubricity and excellent oxidative stability across a wide temperature range. APS-704 also exhibits excellent dielectric properties.


APS-704 is a methyl phenyl modified silicone fluid. APS-704 offers
outstanding thermal, moisture and chemical resistance, as well as
excellent dielectric properties. APS-704 is well suited for high temperature applications. The working temperature range for APS-704 is
-30oC to 250oC.


  • As a result of excellent thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, and low volatility APS-704 may be used as a high temperature heat transfer media, a lubricant for silicone rubber applications, or a cosmetic additive for ultra violet protection.
  • Apropriate diluents for APS-704 include aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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