ProvectuPel® 755 is a waterborne, fluorine-free penetrating sealer that is designed to seal and protect various surfaces. ProvectuPel® 755 leaves an invisible barrier coating that protects surfaces from water and water-based stains.


• Water and stain repellent
• Fluorine (PFAs) free
• Effective at low concentrations
• Fit for various surfaces
• Ambient cure


Sample Formulation:
ProvectuPel® 755 can be diluted in soft and/or DI water. Depending on performance and cost requirements, it can be diluted at 1—
5% solids (4 – 20% on a weight basis). Other additives such as wetting aids and/or defoamers may be required for improved
properties onto the surface.

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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