SilFree 123

A low turbidity, stable, microemulsion of a silicone free biodegradable polymer. SilFree 123 is designed to be used as a raw material in the auto and marine care industry, especially for formulating vinyl, plastic and rubber sprays and gels.


• Free of silicone.
• High durability in automotive spray waxes and tire shine products
• Exhibits excellent dilution stability.
• Imparts wet look when applied.


As an additive in auto and marine care products, SilFree 123 may be diluted 20 to 75% by weight in water. Adjust this concentration up or down depending on the desired level of performance to be imparted by the final product.
Below is a recommended starting formulation for a ready to use waterborne tire shine spray:

SilFree 123 20-75%
HEUR Rheology Modifier 0.5%
Wetting Agent 0.5%
Water 0-79%

For More Detailed Information, Download the Data Sheets

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