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Product Data Sheet Total Solids % Description
AdvaPel® 734 30 Water-based, air dry, fluorochemical finishing agent that will impart water, oil and soil repellency to textiles, upholstery and carpeting. AdvaPel 734 is a non-C8 based fluoroalkyl compound and, as such, is considered to bey non-PFOA contributing.
Grease / Oil Repellency Soil / Dust / Dirt Repellency Water Repellency Water-Based
AP-0280 80 Waterborne self-curable reactive silicone copolymer emulsion that imparts excellent water repellency on architectural substrates.
Gloss / Shine Low VOC Slip / Lubricity / Release Soft Hand Water Repellency Water-Based
AP-SILANE 30 NA N-propyltrimethoxy silane that will bond to inorganic substrates and fillers and produce a thin, clear hydrophobic film. AP-SILANE 30 is compatible with fiberglass resin systems.
Water Repellency
AP-Silane 98 High purity N-octyl-triethoxysilane that can be used to formulate hydrophobic products for various surfaces including concrete, stone, glass, metal etc. AP-Silane 98 will penetrate deeply into porous substrates and chemically react to provide a great durability of its properties.
Adhesion Promoter Durability Water Repellency
APFS-14 27% Active Content Amphoteric fluorosurfactant primarily designed to reduce the surface tension of aqueous solutions to promote leveling and wetting. In some systems, APFS-14 will also function as a foam stabilizer.
Wetting / Leveling
APFS-71S 25% Active Content VOC free, water-based, nonionic, short-chain, fluorosurfactant designed to enhance leveling and wetting in waterborne systems.
Water-Based Wetting / Leveling
APS-216 Emulsion 50 Silicone fluid emulsion that can be used to increase slip and dust/dirt repellency in auto care products for rubber, plastic and vinyl. APS-216 Emulsion can also be effective in mold release compositions.
Slip / Lubricity / Release Soil / Dust / Dirt Repellency Water Repellency Water-Based
APS-229 75 APS-229 is a silicone fluid designed for use in the automotive and marine industry as a new look restorer for various surfaces including plastic, ceramic, chrome, rubber and many others. APS-229 also imparts protective properties to the coated surfaces that help keep the new look enhancement.
Color Enhancement Soil / Dust / Dirt Repellency
APS-232 HCA Reactive silicone resin that produces a durable, super-hydrophobic treatment when applied to fabric, leather, natural stone, grout, wood, etc. APS-232HCA will not change the appearance of the treated substrate and treatment will only be realized when water or other liquids come in contact with the treated surface. Depending on the type of substrate the static contact angle of deionized water on the surface can range from 120° to greater than 150°.
Durability Soft Hand Water Repellency
APS-286 EMULSION 50 50% active, solvent free, waterborne emulsion of 10,000 cstk silicone fluid that will add luster, and provide dust and dirt pick-up resistance on vinyl, leather and rubber. APS-286 EMULSION can also be used as a release aid in molding, extrusion and casting applications.
Gloss / Shine Slip / Lubricity / Release Water-Based
APS-324 100% Active Solvent reducible, amino functional silicone fluid that provides a durable, high gloss shine on automotive finishes; or soft hand and excellent water repellency in textile and leather applcations.
Gloss / Shine Soft Hand Water Repellency
APS-327 100% Active Solvent reducible, reactive, amino functional silicone fluid, with excellent surface adhesion properties, that will impart a durable shine to automotive finishes; or soft hand, abrasion resistance and excellent water repellency in textile and leather applications.
Durability Gloss / Shine Mar / Abrasion Resistance Soft Hand Water Repellency
APS-337B 29 Waterborne, amino functional silicone microemulsion that will produce a durable, semi-matte, natural looking finish on rubber and vinyl.
Durability Water-Based
APS-340 100% Active Methoxy terminated, amino-functional silicone fluid that will impart a durable, glossy finish to architectural surfaces, textiles and leather.
Durability Gloss / Shine
APS-442 100% Active Waterborne silicone surfactant that reduces surface tension and improves leveling and wetting properties.
Slip / Lubricity / Release Water-Based Wetting / Leveling
APS-448 50 Waterborne, hydrophilic, silicone copolymer that produces a high luster shine with excellent dust resistance in “wash & wax” applications.
Durability Gloss / Shine Soil / Dust / Dirt Repellency Water-Based
APS-ME355 27 Waterborne, high viscosity, amino silicone microemulsion designed to produce a superior, high gloss, finish on rubber and vinyl.
Durability Gloss / Shine Water-Based
APW-319 17 Very low turbidity, cationic microemulsion of pure carnauba wax that provides a durable finish, with excellent gloss and slip, that resists marring and dirt pick-up. APW-319 can be used on a variety of substrates including fabric, leather, wood, metal and painted surfaces.
Durability Gloss / Shine Mar / Abrasion Resistance Slip / Lubricity / Release Soil / Dust / Dirt Repellency Water-Based
APW-326 23 Silicone wax copolymer emulsion that can be used in spray polish applications to impart durability, slip and gloss to a variety of substrates.
Durability Gloss / Shine Mar / Abrasion Resistance Slip / Lubricity / Release Water-Based
Daimul 60 60 Solvent free, waterborne, 60% active emulsion of 350 centistoke dimethyl fluid that will impart high gloss and slip to substrates including rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and metal.
Gloss / Shine Slip / Lubricity / Release Water-Based
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